Posted by: martysweather | January 18, 2010

1/18/2010 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sun’s coming up behind some Dense Fog but Clear Sky on Top will yield a Fair 57 degree day. Above Freezing tonight and Mild again on Tuesday. Late Tuesday the Rain in the Southwest will be here. The mid to latter half of the week looks a bit unsettled and we’re even hearing about some Thunder chances which we’ll look at more closely on Tuesday. It’s still a little early for the Spring Storm Season but there is quite a bit of history of Severe weather in January and February, especially when we get into these above normal temperature patterns. It’s always something. Outdoors this morning it’s wet and Foggy in spots. The Sun here is rising behind a dense fog bank that is just to our East and my buddy at the Shelbyville Municipal Airport is reporting even the Birds are walking this morning. They’re walking here as well. All over the Front Lawns the worms are scrambling for their little lives because a army of birds are on the hunt. The bird feeder is empty as well but until it drys up in the Sun we’ll let that go for now. Now let’s get those facts.

Reported 1.38″ of Rain Sunday morning and .38″ this morning. Our relatively dry Spell in January has ended.
Temperature at 7 AM was 35 degrees and it’s risen quickly to 37 the last half hour. Once the Sun burns off the Fog we’ll shoot for 57 this afternoon. Low tonight about 36 here in the boonies and 38 in Town.

Barometer is 29.95″ and Rising. We got really Low Saturday night. It hit 29.45 here briefly. We had a severe headache that was likely directly related to that. Look for a Rise through tomorrow mid day then down she goes.

Humidity is 98% and may as well be 100% but the Sun will dry us up some today and Tuesday. More wet weather and moist air by late day Tuesday.

Wind is Calm early and then southwest at 5 or so later today.

Sky will be Clear today after the Fog gives way. Sun and Clouds on Tuesday.

The Summary, M.L.King Day: Mostly sunny, with a high near 57. Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 35. Calm wind. Tuesday: Partly sunny, with a high near 58. Calm wind becoming south southwest around 5 mph.

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