Posted by: martysweather | May 8, 2010

5/8/2010 @ 7AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sunny and Dry here this morning since we apparently didn’t get any Rain. Temperature may hit 70 today. Cool and a chilly 44 degrees tonight and then mostly Sunny for Sunday but only 68 deg. with Northwest Wind. Some areas did get a shower last night and those folks are 3 or 4 degrees cooler this morning. Nobody got much and for now we don’t need any. We have some Rain chances Monday and maybe a better chance Wednesday but for now the weekend is going to be dry behind this fairly strong Front that came through this morning. The Barometer quickly jumped up behind the Front and we had a Northwest Wind Shift. Outdoors this morning it’s still breezy and not that cool here but we won’t warm up much, maybe 8 or 10 degrees before a Cool evening. We had some folks up the road that were in their Pool Thursday but I’m betting they aren’t today. We got some stuff to do but we had a busy week ourselves so were not running to hard or fast. My little Missy ate something that upset her tummy so she’s puny today but maybe she needs a little Daddy time since Sophie has been getting a little extra attention. Sophie is 9 weeks old so she requires, or let’s say she “commands” more attention. Missy is eating this morning however so she’s gonna be OK. We also or at least my wife spotted Herbie the Turtle crossing the South Lawn. It has to be him he’s really hard to mistake for anybody else. We had just the other day wondered how he made out with the rough Winter. He likely faired better than we did. Now for the facts.

We reported NO Rain for the period but some folks got sprinkles.
Temp. here at 7 AM is 60 degrees. If you got some Rain the evaporative cooling may have your temperature a shade cooler. Look for 70 today and 68 on Sunday. Cool nights.

Barometer is up to 30.15″ and has jumped up quickly this morning. Look for a strong stable cool weekend. Falling a bit Monday.

Humidity has dropped like a rock in this cool Northwest Wind. Only 55% this morning. Drying conditions today and Sunday.

Wind is Northwest at 12 mph. Will remain Northwest or at least Northerly for the weekend.

Sky is Clear this morning but will be Sun and Clouds later today and Sunday but more Sun than Clouds.

The Summary, Today. Sunny and breezy with a High of near 70. Tonight. Dark and Cool with a 44 degree Low.
Sunday. Mostly Sunny and about 68 degrees for the High. Sunday night Low about 48.
Monday Shower Chances and upper 60’s.

Warm weather returns for Tuesday. Have a great weekend, Happy Mothers Day to all you Mamas. Looking for you in Church on Sunday.


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